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George H.W. Bush, the 41st US president, died peacefully at his home in Houston. He was praised in obituaries and eulogies, published in every traditional media channel, while bloggers and dissident websites presented a long list of his misdeeds.

Which include:

In 1976, after a Chilean government assassin killed a dissident and an accompanying US woman with a car bomb, the CIA, headed by George H.W. Bush, leaked a false report clearing Chile’s military dictatorship and pointing the FBI in the wrong direction.

During the 1980s, the Reagan administration (with Bush as vice president) secretly provided critical battle planning assistance to Iraq against Iran and sent billions in military and economic aid, despite the gassing of Halabja in 1988 and other atrocities.

In the 1988 presidential campaign (commonly viewed as the dirtiest campaign ever) images of Willie Horton, a black convicted murderer who abducted a couple, assaulting the man and raping the woman, were used to smear Michael Dukakis, who as governor had signed Hortons furlough. The Horton ad set the tone of racist politics in the USA for decades.

As president, Bush used his office to obstruct justice and thwart investigations into the criminal activities of the Reagan administration (among others the conspiring with Iran about US embassy hostages and the Iran-Contra Affair).
In December 1989, Bush invaded Panama to topple Manuel Noriega, longtime CIA asset and helping hand in the Reagan-era Contra War against Nicaragua. As many as 3,000 Panamanians died.

Bush put Dick Cheney in charge at the Pentagon and nominated Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court. Thomas was barely qualified and accused of sexual harassment, but got nevertheless narrowly confirmed.

The Bush Administration gave Saddam Hussein the false impression that the USA would not interfere if Iraq’s army was to invade Kuwait. After Iraq conquered Kuwait, war was sold with false claims of atrocities (the incubator babies, a story told by the daughter of Kuwaits ambassador).

Operation Desert Storm destroyed the Iraqi army in only 43 days. 12,000 Iraqi civilians and 20,000 Iraqi troops were slaughtered and Iraq’s infrastructure, including water and sewage treatment, food processing, agricultural facilities, and the electrical grid was destroyed. An additional 70,000 Iraqi deaths resulted from this infrastructural damage. The sanctions that followed Desert Storm caused the premature deaths of as many as 500,000 Iraqis.

One day before the 9/11 attacks as well as on the morning of 9/11, George H.W, Bush was meeting none other than Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of the alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

As a board member and unofficial “ambassador” of the private equity Carlyle Group, Bush made millions from that company’s weapons sales which resulted from his son’s Iraq war and the following occupation.

Eight women claimed Bush groped them during picture-taking sessions (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41987895).

All of this is well documented and there are many other details which suggest dirty games and outright criminal machinations of Bush Sr. It’s a sobering and disillusioning record, but what else would one expect from a former CIA agent and CIA boss?

And yet, though I agree with all the damning articles and comments, I personally have difficulties formulating a coherent and tenable policy in regard to this or similar cases and usually just keep quiet.

The monstrous villains who are responsible for suffering and pain, for death and destruction need to be neutralized in one way or the other. Preferably they should just disappear from the face of the earth without a trace, but if getting rid of them involves a long agonizing death struggle, so let it be. I will not enjoy their moaning and whining, their death rattles will not be music to my ears, I don’t want to be a witness of their horrible end.

Revenge and punishment are not building blocks of a peaceful and harmonious society.

When Hugo Chavez, one of the iconic figures in my private shrine of fallen heroes, died after a long and exhausting battle with cancer, US House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce only had to say: “Good riddance to this dictator.” Many US journalists and politicians chimed in. Good riddance!

When Muammar Gaddafi, another icon in my private shrine, was tortured and killed by a gang of NATO enabled sadists, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was giggling, coining the phrase: “We came, we saw, he died” (vein, vidi, mortuus est). An unforgettable moment, if there ever was one.

When Asma al-Assad, wife of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, Western papers rejoiced and called her “First Lady of hell.”

I don’t want to be like this people, I don’t want to be filled with hate.

William Blum (Anti-Empire Report), 85 and suffering from ill health, expressed sympathy and pity as Senator John McCain was dying from brain cancer, even though McCain was one of the most despicable neocon warmongers.

The miscreants, the grisly and ghastly war criminals at the helm of the US empire will not be remembered fondly, and yet: 

In death we are all equal.

Feline news:

Environmental news:

https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46098118 Neither hydro, solar, wind, biomass, or any other form of so called “renewable” energy sources are sustainable or beneficial for the environment, if one takes into account all longtime negative impacts.
https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/nov/05/energy-cost-of-mining-bitcoin-more-than-twice-that-of-copper-or-gold Cryptocurrencies should be banned.
https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46122255 Rare good news about nuclear power generation.
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/11/08/cont-n08.html All the new clever materials used in buildings can become extremely toxic when a fire breaks out.
https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46118103 Maybe Mother Earth can indeed solve the problem of human overpopulation in a gentle and painless way.
http://science.sciencemag.org/content/362/6414/527 Making gene-editing appear less scary by a carefully worded scientific article. Don’t let them fool you!
https://truthout.org/articles/the-global-extinction-rebellion-begins/ Laudable efforts, but you know: The revolution will not be televised. Nor will it be publicly announced.
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-46380418 The rare good news.
Economic news:

China and Russia discuss a pact to boost the use of yuan and rouble in bilateral and international trade, underscoring their intent to cut their reliance on the US dollar.

This agreement would include the launch of a new cross-border system for direct payment of trade invoices in yuan and rouble. China’s UnionPay credit card would be accepted in Russia and Russia’s Mir card in China.

The USA and the WTO (World Trade Organization) are currently in a row over the Appellate Body, which settles trade disputes between countries – a key function of the entire organization.

The USA has been blocking new appointments to the body in an argument over its role, leaving it with the bare minimum needed to function. If this is not settled soon, trade disputes between countries could be paralyzed as soon as next year.

http://www.cadtm.org/Argentina-in-turmoil The IMF surely has the solution: Austerity for the poor, tax cuts for the rich.
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/11/10/lead-n10.html Corporate welfare.
https://www.rt.com/business/443516-boe-refuse-venezuela-gold/ Gangster capitalism? Or has Britain joined the USA as another nation which is beyond the law?
https://www.opendemocracy.net/paul-rogers/no-way-to-run-world A repeat of 2008 with an even bigger bailout?
http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/2018/11/07/what-is-the-financialisation-of-food-and-why-should-we-care/ Food is an inelastic commodity, as people will always need to eat, and investing in food therefore is risk free and provides stable capitalist accumulation.
https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/The-Biggest-Threat-To-Dollar-Dominance.html Russia wants Euros instead of Dollars.
Media and technology news:

Western news organizations have the stated purpose of informing the public, but they fail this purpose. With mergers and consolidation, they have become just one more big corporate entity in a corporate state.

They largely echo government because there is no advantage in seriously investigating and challenging the state. Government approves mergers and acquisition. Government provides leaks and hints. Government offers access and validation. And in the USA, reporting against major government interests can get one labelled as subversive or disloyal.

All people concerned with news and events should not depend on a single news source. Only by following a variety of sources and making an effort to compare, analyze, interpret, and read between the lines can one hope to find out what is really going on.

https://microwavenews.com/news-center/ntp-final-rf-report Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, says US National Toxicology Program.
https://watershedsentinel.ca/articles/5g-corporate-grail/ More microwave radiation. 5G will make it worse. Stay wired, stay offline.
https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612375/using-wi-fi-to-see-behind-closed-doors-is-easier-than-anyone-thought/ If you don’t have anything to hide, why worry?
https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/samsung-electronics-apologises-to-workers-who-got-cancer-from-working-at-semiconductor-factories-1952067Somebody has to manufacture our fancy smartphones. It’s not only robots, and if it were so, people also would complain. The dying workers get some compensation, the dying animals downstream are ignored and still lose out.
https://irrussianality.wordpress.com/2018/11/25/lack-of-integrity/ More propaganda.
Imperial news:

There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party… and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt – until recently… and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties.” (Gore Vidal)

Elections are funny. The government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” (Frank Zappa)
If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” (Mark Twain)

The founding fathers, representing American values:
If it be the design of Providence to extirpate these Savages in order to make room for cultivators of the Earth, it seems not improbable that rum may be the appointed means.” (Benjamin Franklin, from his autobiography)

US life expectancy declined for the third year, a trend not seen since World War I and mainly contributed to an escalating drug and suicide crises. 47,173 people committed suicide in 2017. One million have died from suicide and drug overdoses since 2007.

https://truthout.org/articles/bake-sales-cant-fix-school-funding-pinch-caused-by-corporate-tax-cuts/ We don’t need no (public) education.
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46187460 Poor guy – he dreamed the American Dream, but the American Dream died long ago, and consequently he died too.
There should be more security guards, of course, and they should be well equipped, with kevlar vests and assault rifles, so that they can respond adequately when the police arrives. And when the police then comes in armed personal carriers, the security guards have to get TOW anti-tank missiles.
More arms = better security.
https://truthout.org/articles/millions-in-masked-money-was-funneled-into-the-2018-elections/ Unincorporated entities with innocuous-sounding names that do not exist in any other physical forms can spend unlimited sums with little accountability or disclosure. Without FEC filings, incorporation records, tax documents or other disclosure requirements, it is almost impossible to uncover who is actually behind many of these ads or who is funding them.
https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/416382-kansas-city-health-department-pours-bleach-on-food-meant-for In a Kansas City park, a health inspector poured bleach on food donated to homeless people. The volunteers didn’t meet city requirements, the inspector said.
https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/28/health/enterprise-louisiana-water/index.html 743 billion US$ are needed to fix US water systems. An enormous sum, but it is nevertheless not more than one year of military spending.

Imperial conquest news:

The National Defense Strategy Commission, appointed by Congress, issued a report backing the Pentagon’s plans to prepare for a “great-power” war against Russia, China, or both. A war between the USA and China, which according to the report might break out within four years, will be “horrendous” and “devastating.” The military will “face greater losses than at any time in decades.” Such a war could lead to “rapid nuclear escalation.”

Armageddon news:

Uncategorized news:

https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/book-of-the-day-walkaway-by-cory-doctorow/2018/10/29 Interesting, even if one doesn’t believe in “post scarcity.”
News from cat land:

Rita, the lovely little cat girl which I took home from the animal asylum, is doing well. 

I had the firm intent not to adopt another cat, but during my regular volunteer work at the animal asylum she looked at me, she followed me, she stood beside me, when I sat down she laid down beside me, she licked my hand, and when I left she looked after me and meowed: “please take me with you!”

My colleagues told me that she did that with nobody else and I still wonder why she singled me out. Was it because I’m the only male volunteer at the animal asylum? Was there something in my voice or my gestures that attracted her?

Her two siblings had already found a new home but she was not offered yet for adoption because she had ear mites and a persistent cold. The mites are gone but the cold is still not completely cured. She occasionally sneezes, but that is the only symptom and generally she appears to be in good health.

When I brought her home, the cat family was terrified and her fellow cats looked at her as if she was an alien monster from outer space. But after only three days she was accepted and fully integrated into the family.

At the animal asylum Rita was shy, withdrawn, soft, and quiet. Maybe she didn’t feel at home there, maybe her ailments bothered her, maybe she missed her siblings.

In her new home she is not shy and quiet anymore. She meows all the time, plays with the cat toys and all kind of other things which she finds and acquires, runs through the house at top speed, and occasionally hides in a corner, waiting for a chance to pounce on a fellow cat.
Lucia is her closest friend and Gandhi Jr. also seems to like her, maybe because they are both ginger cats. Cats are not necessarily self aware, but Gandhi Jr. for sure is, he often looks for a minute or more into a mirror or at other reflecting surfaces, contemplating and pondering about what he sees there. Sometimes he turns to me after that and meows questioningly. I really would like to know what goes on then in his cat brain.

I cannot have a conversation with Gandhi Jr. about the world and the mystery of life, he is a cat and I’m a human. I cannot argue rationally but I can talk to him soothingly and show that I appreciate and like him and that we will always be together till the end of our life. Maybe that answers all other questions.

Rite eats a lot and she grows incredibly fast. She is not a cute little kitten anymore and weighs now three kilo. Thats the way of the world, the children grow up faster than one can imagine. Like all the other cats, Rita loves the garden, even as most leaves have fallen off and the herbs and flowers have withered in the cold. It will be an incredible experience for her, when nature wakes up again next spring.


Mothers of the world

This is a text that I wrote already in 2011. A revised and updated version is in order because many things changed since then, and they did not change for the better.

When I published the piece in 2011, one woman reader complained, that this appeal puts undue responsibility on mothers. To make it clear, this text is not about responsibility and accountability, it is not meant to hold anyone liable or absolve from responsibility. It was not written in search of culprits, but in search for possibilities to make this world a better place.


It happens quite often that in the early morning (4 AM to 6 AM) one of the cats scratches on my bedroom door to wake me up and after that I lie in my bed in a transitional state halfway between sleep and waking. As I’m lying there, my mind goes on a journey and constructs stories that are often extensive and very detailed. A psychologist would label this as “lucid dreams.” The stories usually vanish from my consciously accessible memory after some hours though they sometimes come up again in situations and at times when I never would expect it.

A few days ago I wrote song lyrics with the title: Mothers of the World, and since then my thoughts and dreams are evolving around the idea, that the demise of humans and the catastrophic breakdown of the ecosphere can only be avoided by a concerted effort of all mothers, aided of course by their not testosterone-driven fellow humans.

Mothers are the most influential and revered persons. The closest interhuman relation is the relation between a mother and her child. The deepest love is the love between a mother and her child. We spend the first nine month of our life inside her and after birth many years with her while she cares for us, nurses us, teaches us, advices us. We spend many happy moments sucking her nibbles, resting in her arms and sitting on her lap.

Mothers have influence, and that applies to human mothers as well as to mothers of other species. All my cat friends (except Gandhi Jr.) start kneading and purring when they sit on my lap. They have adopted me as their step mother and kneading reminds them of their time with the mother cat. Cindy, who sadly died some years ago, also liked to nibble on the palm of my hand and she did that with great perseverance for many minutes. When she stopped, she stood up, stretched herself while looking at me, and finally laid down with a big sigh. She always seemed to be very happy and content after this exercise.

All my feline companions are spayed, but Princess Min Ki gave birth to a litter of  kitten when she still lived at a nearby farm. Shortly afterwards she moved to me and when it became clear, that she would stay, I brought her to the vet and she got fixed just like it had happened to the other cats. It seems though, that the experience of being a mother strongly shaped Princess Min Ki’s character and when Cindy and Wendy joined the family as tiny little kitten, she took care of them and taught them the tricks and trades of cat life. Cindy and Wendy grew up and developed strong and distinct personalities. Yet, even as they became independent and headstrong (like most cats), they still revered and adored their step mother Princess Min Ki.

A mother will try to educate her child in the best possible way, a mother certainly will try to give her child a good start in life. In a rapidly changing and increasingly complicated world a mother though may not have a clear idea, what she has to teach her child in order to guarantee a happy life, secure the survival of the species, and avoid ecological destruction. And in addition to that uncertainty a mother may be in distress and destitute, and for that reasons not be able to provide the best possible care for her child.

On a side note: Why should a mother not be able to provide good care for her child? The answer: 1.2 billion children (every second child on this planet) are threatened by conflict, poverty, and discrimination. That seems to be an enormous number and one wonders, if anybody can grasp, what “1.2 billion” really means.

Of course, there are even larger numbers, numbers that exceed our imagination even further. For instance: The worlds total military spending for 2017 was an estimated 1739 billion US$. Or: The 2,200 billionaires of the world have a combined wealth of 9.1 trillion (9,100,000,000,000) US$. 

BlackRock, the world’s largest AMC (Asset Management Company), controls assets worth 6.3 trillion US$, Vanguard Group, the second largest AMC, controls assets of over 5.1 trillion US$.

The issues of military spending, of inequality and exploitation cannot be addressed here, they were discussed in earlier blog posts and will be prominent topics also in the future. Similarly overpopulation, another related issue, would take us far away from the initial theme though some ideas and proposals are worth mentioning:

Contraception should be cheap and easily available, adoptions should be encouraged, fertility treatments discouraged, a temporary “no-child-policy” put in place in certain countries.

7.6 billion people are hard to feed!

Back to the original theme. The following text is a compilation of dreams that I had in the last weeks. As I continue dreaming, other texts may follow.


Mothers of the world,
Teach your children well
You can save the world,
Only you can do it.

What will you teach your child?

You will teach your little girl, that she is clever and able to reach any goal and fill every position. That together with her sisters she can break the evil brotherhood of greedy, immoral, ruthless, warmongering men. That she can outwit them and destroy their networks and their systems of repression and exploitation.

You will teach your little girl, that she has to learn, acquire skills, find out what her talents are, and get the best education, so that she can start to work in various fields of science or in public services. And that she has to use the acquired knowledge to invent and develop sophisticated tools that make it possible to break the evil brotherhood of men.

You will teach your little girl that she shall focus on this goal and not let herself get distracted by stupid games or cheap amusement. That she needs to ignore trends, fashions, not give in to peer pressure, avoid the brainwashing from TV, social media, and advertising; that she has to consume any kind of media selectively and in moderation.

You will teach your little girl that she doesn’t need fancy gadgets and fashion clothing. That she shall not waste her precious time with superficial men, except when they either accept her leadership or are useful and helpful to advance her career and reach her goals.

You will teach your daughter to spend her time wisely and not get overwhelmed by the deluge of useless information.
You will not be the only mother who teaches her daughter in this way and there will be many other young girls who grow up like her. They will be inspired by the same ideals, they will get a solid education and go on to infiltrate businesses and institutions. They will howl with the wolves, apparently being compliant and complicit, while carefully implanting the seeds of change in the minds of their audience or secretly creating tools and structures to prepare for the revolutionary change that will destroy the plutocratic system and end the reign of the billionaires, oligarchs, industrialists, or whatever they are called.

These bright and confident young women will join one of the secret sisterhoods that have sprung up in most countries. The sisterhoods are decentralized networks which provide information, advice, and hands-on support to their members. They have no headquarters or command structures, but they appropriate corporate or state resources and allow a natural hierarchy where charismatic and ingenious members lead and give orders.

State agents trying to infiltrate the sisterhoods and criminalize them with sting operations or entrapment schemes will be easily exposed by EEG brain wave and fNIRS lie detection, sisterhood cells may also be abruptly liquidated and/or reconstituted.

Your daughter will become a media expert or a journalist or an artist and she will use her training in psychology and neurology and her artistic talents to produce seemingly benign popular entertainment, news reports, and artworks with embedded hidden patterns and subliminal messages. The patterns and messages will be based on new findings about visual and audial perception, cognition, linguistics, and they will seep into the brains of the viewers and listeners to accumulate there. They will be lingering in the unconsciousness, waiting to be activated with a master password (consisting of a text, a picture, or a video sequence).

Your daughter will work in a pharmaceutical laboratory and will together with her sisters in mind develop new medical drugs that influence brains in more subtle and sophisticated ways than any existing medications. She will work on drugs which reduce aggressions and increase feelings of empathy and caring.

She will secretly develop drugs that women all over the world can use to sedate their violent husbands and convert them to obedient servants and supporters of their feminist agenda.

She will develop psychedelic drugs and hallucinogens which induce perfect bliss without any ascertainable side effects. These drugs will be very expensive and only the superrich will be able to afford them. The undetectable longterm side effects of these drugs will be increased empathy, reduced aggression, but also cognitive impairment.

Your daughter will work in a biology laboratory to become an expert in gene editing with CRISPR. She will secretly develop bacteria that infect wales, dolphins, and other endangered species all over the world. The bacteria will not harm the animals, but it will make their meat unsafe and dangerous for human consumption and the hunting of these animals will stop because nobody will take the risk and eat the meat.

She will develop other infectious agents that cause epidemics in industrial animal factories, forcing all industrial producers of pork, cattle, and poultry out of business and fomenting a change in the daily diet of people around the world as well as a change of agricultural practices and policies. These changes will result in the reassignment of farmland to grow crops for direct human consumption, in addition they will allow sweeping land reform programs and a shift back to small scale farming.

She will create aggressive and fast spreading “diesel bugs” (bacteria, fungi, and algae which live in fuel tanks and pipelines). The microbes will clog filters, wreck engines, corrode fuel tanks, and even put oil wells and refineries out of business.

She will develop a contagious fungus that makes ink unreadable, causes documents to deteriorate and to turn into dust, and can be easily disbursed as a powder.

Your daughter will work as an engineer, developing sophisticated tools and energy efficient little machines that will allow small farmers to grow their crops without fuel or chemicals and enable them to outperform their industrial competitors. She will develop new types of sailing ships, trains, airships (dirigibles, blimps), and other means of transport that will replace cars and trucks.

She will work as a physicist, she will become an expert in quantum mechanics and discover new phenomena that will allow to change the molecular structure of materials with a combination of electromagnetic radiation of specific wavelengths. Together with her sisters she will invent a device that scans the surrounding area with beams of electromagnetic pulses in order to detect and neutralize combustable or explosive substances. The device will be called “Explosion Disabler”.

The powerful nations will be terrified by this invention and the governments will try to prevent proliferation even harder than they ever tried to prevent nuclear proliferation, but the knowledge will be spread by the secret network of the sisters and some small independent nations will secretly start producing Explosion Disablers in big numbers and distribute them to activists and dissidents all over the world. The soldiers and policemen will pull the triggers but nothing will happen and the gunners will push the buttons in vain and the terrorists will not be able to explode their suicide vests or roadside bombs. The armored carriers, tanks, and caterpillar D9 bulldozers will stand still because the combustion engines will stop working when they are scanned by the Explosion Disabler. The helicopter gunships will fall to the ground and the bombs, grenades, and mortars will not explode.

Your daughter will work in computer sciences, creating computer games which in nuanced and imperceptible ways will change the attitudes and value systems of the players and in addition to that will infect the brains of the players with secret patterns similar to the ones that are created by her sisters and transported via news broadcasts, entertainment programs, social media, and artworks.

Your daughter will go on from there and find out the secret backdoors, codes, and passwords of this interconnected world and she will defeat all security blockages. Together with her sisters she will write software that infects the networks of the evil brotherhood of men. She will get access to the most powerful supercomputers either as an operator or an assistant or the spouse of an operator. Together with her sisters she will utilize the supercomputers to develop even more sophisticated and capable software which can break all encryptions, bypass all firewalls, take over all networks, and completely reorganize the computers of the world. The supercomputers will also develop administrative models and schemes that are able to replace the old network organizations, installed by the evil brotherhood of men, in just a few hours.

And then, one day the sisters will send out the master password across all channels and they will place it on all websites. The subconscious patterns that have accumulated in most brains will become active and people will suddenly realize that they were indoctrinated and misinformed. They will realize, that they were exploited and misused and that their consumerist lifestyle is distressing, unhealthy, unsatisfying, unsustainable, and immoral.

People will drop out of the rat race, they will leave the cities and join rural farm communes and small rural workshops. They will stop consuming and stop buying new gadgets and they will become self sufficient and self reliant. The soldiers, policemen, private security contractors, and other low ranking members of the state suppression apparatus will lay down their weapons and the assistants and henchmen, the lackeys and minions of the ruling class will declare their guilt, apologize, and join a general campaign of disobedience, leaving their masters alone, helpless, and unprotected.

At the same time the sisters will activate their software and networks all over the world will break down or be taken over and the networks will be reorganized according to the schemes that the sisters secretly developed. The bankers and traders will stare at empty screens and the shares of the billionaires and millionaires will be gone; the loans will be void, all debts be cancelled, and houses will belong to the people who live in them while factories and shops will belong to the workers.

All the bankers and traders, billionaires and millionaires will run to the vaults and search in the shelves hastily and frantically for the documents which state their wealth, but when they find them the documents will be unreadable or turn to dust in their hands, because the sisters will have spread the special fungus that destroys paper and ink.

There will be no investment banks, no stock markets, no hedge funds, no asset management, and the commodity markets and central banks will be replaced by new distribution models which the sisterhood developed with the help of supercomputers, resembling rather UN relief agencies than capitalist institutions. Banks, asset management companies, insurances, equity firms, and other corporations will become public services after being instantly reshaped by the most powerful self organizing and self adjusting computer software.

And the drone operators and gunners and the generals in their command centers will see the screens go black and the operators and gunners will fiddle with the controls and the generals will shout commands but it will have no effect at all because they will be disconnected and completely isolated in their headquarters deep under the mountains.

The codes to launch nuclear missiles will not reach the rocket silos or submarines, army units will stay in the barracks and disarm, while the predator drones, jet fighters, cruise missiles, and laser guided bombs will fall to the ground and never reach their targets.

There will be peace on earth and it will be the dawn of the glorious age of the matriarchy.


Readers may ask: “But what’s about the boys? Don’t they deserve similar nurturing and guidance?”

Of course they deserve it and they should get the same attention and love as girls. In todays patriarchal society boys usually receive preferential treatment anyway.

Boys are much more driven by their hormones (especially testosterone) than girls, and when they reach adolescence they often will go their own way and follow their primal urges. The young men will compete for the attention of females, they will try to impress women with temerity and bravado. They will try to knock out competitors, often making foolish and ill-considered decisions they may regret only when they are already in deep trouble.

Well, not all boys are like that, but the majority are. While evolution has programmed women to preserve life, it has programmed men to destroy the lives of competitors. This is not what is needed in todays state of the world!

Buddhist monasteries would be a viable alternative. The method worked well in Asian societies for a thousand years but unfortunately has gone out of favour in modern times.

What else could be done short of obligatory castration, leaving only a few stallions for reproduction?

Boys should be educated to respect, appreciate, admire, support women. They should be educated to accept and back women leaders.

Nothing less will do.

Mothers of the world
It’s engraved on a tablet
Encoded in a chaplet
That you must save the planet

Mothers of the world
There’s silence you have heard
There’s darkness you have seen
Blood stains you had to clean

These uniforms remind the living
The gift of violence keeps giving
So many lives broken and cut
So many corpses drenched in blood

Those who resist insanity
Who want to save humanity
They will be silenced or ignored
Live by the sword, die by the sword

The mothers have to tend the graves
In silence they then watch the waves
Is it still worth to bear a child?
She wept quietly, then she smiled

There’s love you have to give
There’s trust you will receive
You teach it and you state your will
“Never wage war and never kill”

Whisper it softly in its ear
Teach it, explain, and make it clear
That life is precious, and it will
Never wage war and never kill

And if it now is unconcerned
It will remember what it learned
The promise it has to fulfill
To end all wars and never kill

The senseless slaying can’t be done
If it objects to take a weapon
Make sure, that your child never will
Take part in war or start to kill

Life can be hard, it could get worse
It could turn into hell on earth
Object, obstruct and call out loud
No nuclear bomb, no mushroom cloud

Avoid the pain, avoid the harm
Don’t fight, just desert and disarm
There is no peace on earth until
Men end all wars and cease to kill

This is, what you will teach your child
It will remember, that you smiled
It will follow your stated will
That it shall never ever kill